Iotawatt + InfluxDb +?

Iotawatt and InfluxDB are a match made in heaven. The hardware is superb at posting to Influx ( which seems to be an amazing time series DB ). The 3rd piece of the puzzle is lacking - Grafana is an option which looks like it could be great but it isn’t! It is very Buggy, the support is very poor and if you’re serious about a reporting platform then there surely must be others…

Have you looked at Chronograf?

I am using Chronograf. Its nice for basic queries but limited also its not a multi-tenant platform like Grafana. I wish Datadog would support InfluxDB that would be the answer…

I will keep searching.

Usually when something gets as popular as Grafana, there is a good reason. If your needs are specific with respect to a fixed set of dashboards, you might consider making a Javascript wrapper to manipulate the underlying Json that I believe Grafana uses.