Iotawatt.local via iPad

I initially attempted to configure my new iotawatt via iotawatt.local using my iPad (7th gen, version 15.5). At the Setup tab, i am able to visit the drop down list but it does NOT allow entry of any input, eg touching Device from drop down list shows the current configuration (or none if first time thru) but does not allow entry. Same is true of Inputs, Outputs and all other selections in the drop down. I had to use my android phone to configure the device. On android phone, the drop down list disappears, revealing the editable fields beneath. Not so on iPad.

Anyone have similar experience?

Yes, that’s a problem with the Safari browser on Ipad. I think you will find that if you hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds outside of the dropdown, it will disappear (the dropdown not your finger) and you will be able to proceed.

Yes, indeed that works. I guess, unfortunately, that a couple of seconds exceeds moat people’s digital patience. Finger still intact too. Thks for such prompt reply.

Took me a year to stumble on it.

Wow. That is tiny and yet incredibly useful bit of information.