Iotawatt not connecting to wifi. LED?

Hi, my new IoTaWatt setup, after working great for 2 weeks, has stopped connecting to my wifi network. All troubleshooting starts with the status of the led on the ioTaWatt device - my question (apologies if this is the dumbest question ever) is where is the led - I have never seen a light/led on the ioTaWatt device - no red, green or blinking, even when it was working.
Please help!

Thank you Bob! I am now seeing a blinking green light, which does not seem to be an option in your troubleshooting guide. Also, my router is not showing the ioTaWatt in the device list like it was showing earlier when it was working. Please suggest next steps for troubleshooting.
Thank you!

During normal operation, the LED is lit when one of the two ADCs are in use. This usually results in very rapid blinking that looks like a “Dull Green Glow”, but depending on which inputs are in use, can look like rapid or erratic blinking. In any case, blinking only green means everything is OK.

It also means the IoTaWatt is connected to WiFi. So you have some sort of WiFi issue. You can try resetting your router, then the IoTaWatt (power cycle) if still incommunicado.

In the meantime, when you finally re-establish communication, I think you will find that the IoTaWatt has been reliably logging your power usage.

Thanks again Bob. I will let you know how I make out.

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Bob, I am all set! My wifi extender was the problem. You are amazing!

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