IoTaWatt Post interval does rare things - resolved

Configuring an Influx Web server in the IoTaWatt setup, the post interval was set to 30 seconds and the bulk send to one, we specting a data point each 30 seconds, but instead we received each 57 seconds exactly, both IoTaWatt and the influx server are in the same network. What happened here?

Not sure what to make of that. I cannot reproduce it, moreover, the IoTaWatt datalog keeps data at 5 second intervals, so it cannot report an odd interval like 57 seconds.

Nevertheless, stranger things have happened. Could you post your influx configuration menu, the message log, and a selection of influx posts that show timestamps at 57 seconds?

Im, sorry, seriously I offer a deeply apologize, the time interval that iotawatt use for post is completely accurate and correct, the time interval we recolected was being affected by other tool that we use to process the data, Im feel like an idiot. Anyway we appreciate your help, thank you very much.