IoTaWatt reading 400hz and missing data points

Wondering if anyone has seen something similar, where IoTaWatt will be running fine reporting 60hz, but then it will spike to upwards of 400hz for a few seconds, and then go back to normal

Here is an example where its reporting 200hz


This is causing missing data

The weird thing is that this is only happening on generator power, not grid power. Today they are replacing some power poles so I’m on generator power from 9am to 5pm while they work

The generator is not putting out 400hz, all UPS’s report 60hz the entire time, and I can’t imagine much in my house would work well with 400hz power

This is new, as I’ve run on generator before with no problems. No changes made to IoTaWatt or the reference power too

Any ideas?

I think that it’s just not clean power. It appears that you have two or maybe three VTs. That would exacerbate any voltage issues. Specifically I’m thinking that the zero crossings may not be clean enough for the IoTaWatt to recognize unambiguously.

Most likely there is very high distortion on your generator’s output and Iotawatt thinks it is higher frequency. Mine works fine on my generator (16KW whole house Generac), but my previous monitoring system could make sense of my generator and just gave up.

Maybe next time it happens I should disconnect the grid VT and see what changes

Sadly they finished early so I don’t get much time to test. I’ve done quite a few loaded tests and never seen this before

I have VT’s on L1 and L2 from the panel, but then also one tapped directly from the grid (From the Enphase Combiner box)

Would problems from the VT on the grid spill over and cause issues monitoring L1 and L2?

This a 27kw 1800RPM Generac RG027, the UPS’s seem happy enough with the power

So, you have three VTs and one of them has no voltage during these events?

If that’s the case, I believe when you receive release 02_08_02 the problem will be resolved.

Correct, that’s good to hear! Thanks!

Not sure if this is related, but I’m now starting to see missing data points when not on generator. In this case the frequency doesn’t spike, but it just skips data

Your unit may have updated to 02_08_02 which just went MINOR yesterday. It handles voltage problems much better. Can I see the message log covering the period shown and pictures of your install?