Iotawatt stuck on 400 when posting historical data

I am maintaining 3 iotawatts that upload to a cloud-based Influx DB. Storage is sparse so I have short retention periods for the “power” measurements that the Iotawatt uploads (let’s say 1 week).

if the Iotawatt goes offline for more than a week, Influx returns a 400 as the device tries to catch up when it comes back online, because it is trying to post data that is outside the retention period.

Is there any way the device could detect this and move on to the more recent records - currently the only workaround I found is to temporarily adjust the retention period in Influx?


Sorry, I can’t think of any way to deal with that. E

Thanks, connecting to each device I was able to use the “upload from” uploader setting to address the issue, that is better already than messing with the influx retentions.

An “upload from” setting that could be configured as “last x days/weeks” could be set once and for all to match the DB retention.


Or you could increase the retention period. You are losing data with this arrangement.