IotaWatt - water immersion

My IotaWatt got water logged and is now inoperative. Due to inundation the unit was immersed in water for 10 days. The electrical panel and CTs were not effected.

The 3.5mm plugs on the CTs are a sealed connection but they were plugged into the Iotawatt and immersed for 10 days. Would the CTs have been damaged ? or am I right just to buy a new IotaWatt and plugin in the existing CTs.

Thanks, Dean

First thing comes to mind is do you have insurance?

I think you are saying that the electrical panel and CTs were not inundated. If it was just the IoTaWatt with the 3.5mm connectors, I think it would be safe to at least try the CTs once the connectors are thoroughly dry but if there was any chance the cables could have absorbed water through capillary action, you should probably replace them. I’m thinking the IoTaWatt is kaput.