Is my new device faulty? stuck on slow red blips

Setting up new device.

here are the steps i’ve taken

-hook up a few CTs
-plugged in 9v and 5v
-a few flashes and then 1 red blip followed by long pause and 1 red blip, etc etc
-waited several min
-disconnected 9v, waited a few sec, plugged back in. After a few seconds, Same 1 red blip with long pause
-disconnected, reconnected 9v a few more times. waited several min. back at computer found out how to iotawatt.local
-back to disconnect/reconnect 9v. red-green-green (hurray!). configured wifi - with iphone. all worked as it should, but never got solid green on device. After a while, solid red
-tried power cycling and disconnecting, reconnecting to wifi, configuring wifi several times. Getting computer AND Phone on same network wifi as the iotawatt to check if it’s a time stamp problem. One time out of ten, my phone got on the iotawatt.local page, but only for a few seconds. then it got stuck - page wouldn’t move.

Now I have the iotawatt at my computer, no longer at the elec. panel. 5v and 9v plugged into the wall. I can’t get it to even go into mode where I can find iotaXXXXX and try to reset wifi again. just slow red blips.

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