Is my panel too cramped?

I’m looking into getting an IoTaWatt in order to mainly measure the consumption from the following appliances/circuits in my house:

  • Hot Tub
  • Dryer
  • A/C Compressor
  • Pool pump
  • Pool Heater
  • Stove

I’m not too concerned about measuring my mains input nor my baseboard heaters since I’m getting all those inputs from my smart thermostats that were purchased from my electricity company (Hydro-Quebec).

My main concern is that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit the various CT into my panel. Compared to other panels I’ve seen on this forum, mine looks very cramped:

So will this be an issue for me?

It does look very tight. And it would be tighter still with a bunch of CTs in there. I think you should have an electrician scope it out. It might make sense to add a branch panel notwithstanding additional space needs.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. That’s not an expense I’m willing to go through right now. I guess I’ll wait for the day when I would want to install an electric car charger to revisit this.