Is there a app?

Wondering if there is a app for apple iPhone or website to login to monitor the status while away from home on vacation work ect.

There is no iPhone or Android app, but the IoTaWatt configuration and status app runs in a browser (safari/chrome) on mobile devices. The data is stored in the IoTaWatt so to use when not connected to the LAN, you would need to open up a port forward on your router from the internet to the IoTaWatt.

To monitor whole house usage and solar generation, you can have the IoTaWatt upload to the free PVoutput cloud and there is a mobile app for that.


just got my iotawatt and can seem to connect to local . I have solid green light on unit and thats as far as i can get

Using a device connected to the same local area network, navigate to http://iotawatt.local

RE: checking on status while you’re not at home… You can use emoncms which has an iPhone / iOS app. Here’s what it looks like: