Is this what i'm looking for? How to check? [Brazil]

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I know little about hardware/electricity, but am helping my father rent out the property he’s purchased in Brazil. I’d like to know what questions to relay between my electrician and here to figure out if this is a good fit for our attempt to monitor and reduce usage in a country with insane energy cost and a region with high energy need.

We’re in Bahia, Brazil where everything is 220v. It’s a 7-unit apartment and I’m looking to monitor energy output from every unit.

What information do I need from the electrician or that I have to give to my electrician to find out if this is a viable option?

IoTaWatt is in use in more than 60 countries worldwide. It can be used with any power system.

To know exactly how to measure each unit, it would be necessary to know:

What is the supply to the building? Specifically, is it single phase or three-phase and what is the voltage? Do you want to know the aggregate usage of the entire building and if so, what is the capacity of the mains breaker(s)?

What is the supply to each apartment? Specifically, are they singe-phase or three-phase and what is the voltage? What is the capacity of the circuit breakers to the individual units?

What is the plug type?

Do the feeds to each apartment “home run” to a main distribution panel?

Are there any “house loads” such as common lighting, hot-water heating, HVAC, sewage pumping, elevator, alarm systems etc.

Much of this would be best answered with a line drawing of the building. If the apartments home run to a distribution panel and each unit is single-phase, this could potentially be done inexpensively with a single IoTaWatt unit.