Issue Adding Output to Emoncms

I was attempting to add a new output to a Emoncms Web Service. I filled out the form but the Save button does not appear. Trying to add the same formula for a general Output works, just not under the WebService.

Also, it would be great if you could use a predefined general Output as a Web Service Input.

From the docs:

One distinctive feature of this list vs the outputs list is that the names must be numeric values between 1 and 99. The name of an entry corresponds to the Emoncms input “key” value. When editing the various fields, if you add a new entry with the same number as an existing entry, or change an entry to the same number as an existing entry, it will replace the existing entry. Each time you save an entry, the list will be reordered.

Yes, that would be nice. My issue is that it opens up a host of failure modes that would be difficult to deal with.

Will read more carefully next time and this method makes good sense. For the failures, might easiest to let the user choose on setup so your don’t have to guess for them, … Stop in failure, empty on failure, 0 … Thanks and will read better next time. Also, sent you a PR yesterday did the request get to you?

To coordinate the outputs with names/units, do you think it is a reasonable approach to just callback to /config.txt and parse it out from there? Just curious if there are any hidden issues. I noticed that there is a version in the file but it does not seem to be updated when the configuration is updated. This would put the burden on the caller to determine if something has changed but not a big deal. Any advice appreciated.

Don’t know what you are trying to do, but seems like if you are going to get into parsing, maybe you should take a look at the influxDB service as there is a lot more control over what is sent with names and units easily included.

I’ll go back and look @ Influx at some point. It looked like I was going to have to parse up its SQL variant. It was easy enough to grab the JSON form config.txt and get what I wanted so I’m good for the moment. My goal was to have the full metadata about the outputs plus the output values.