Just installed My IoTaWatt, It's Awesome!

Overeasy, My hats off to you sir. It is refreshing to be able to buy a product that not only works but one that I get to have complete ownership of as well.

Seem like everything you buy these days comes tied to an app that demands intrusive permissions over you phone and you have to sign up to some cloud service to even use.

I am currently trying to hack the UART of my mini split AC so I can have local control over it. They literally encrypt the serial port to block people from circumventing the APP. Unbelievable!

Anyways, Thanks again! I love the work you have done here.


I have also just started using it this year and I am super happy with it too, once you start digging into it more you will find new cool things it can do, specifically the outputs and data uploaders.

Keep tinkering!