Lowest current value that Iotawatt can read using a SCT-013-000 CT?

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I plan to buy 3 SCT-013-000 CT sensors to measure 3 different circuits of 20A each in a house that gets the energy by a 220V utility grid. In this sense, I wonder if IoTaWatt will be able to record and graph (in a way that is clearly different from a residual noise) a load as low as a 8W light bulb, or there is a threshold that doesn’t not allow the user to get the right measurement below it?.

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I don’t have much in the way of incandescent light bulbs these days in low wattage. I have some 40W appliance bulbs. I did manage to find a 5W bulb in with the Christmas decorations. When I put an SCT013 and an AcuCT-H040-50 on it I get this:

So for 4 Watts, the answer is no for the SCT013, but definitely yes for the AcuCT-H040-50. During this test I used a Fluke ammeter to measure a pretty constant 41.5mA and voltage was 120.3V so Watts should be just about 5. IoTaWatt gets 4.6 with the 50A AcuCT, not too bad. Definitely not noise. With the light off, the reading is zero.

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