Mistake - downgraded firmware - influx

So I was on the latest alpha version and everything was working great, so I decided, “Hey, let’s switch back to MINOR so that we just wait for next stable release”, when I did that iotawatt downgraded and lost the influxdb 2.0 stuff.

I set it back to alpha and looks like all my settings were saved, but I wasn’t receiving new data in influx. As a test I moved the history back a day and I did receive that data, but still not receiving new data? There is quite a lot of data, I’m wondering if its just going through the entire history and reuploading it again and since it’s same I’m not seeing it? Either way, any idea why I’m not receiving new data?

EDIT: Yeah thinks that is what it is, decided to reupload ALL data. One of my Iota’s finally caught up. Other one still uploading I thinking