Multiple Upload Services Enabled

Wondering if others are uploading to multiple services at once. I currently send data to both PVOutput and EmonCMS. While I think about switching from Emon to InfluxDB as my local DB store, would I be able to configure a third service without impacting the device while maintaining my current uploads. Wanted to make sure I would not impact the IoTAWatt to much having all three services enabled for uploading understanding that there may be some impact with uploading historical data in the initial setup.

Thoughts or concerns?

Should be no problem, I’ve been running four uploaders on my home system for years.

Thank you sir for the input. Looking at the influxDB documentation on the documentation site. Anything else you would recommend or best practices not found in the documentation? Working with v2 in a Docker image.

Nothing in particular. Influx can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements. One thing you might consider is whether you want to use the influxquery (V1) or flux. Personally I like the V1 query better than flux for IoTaWatt purposes. Flux is no doubt much more powerful, but also a lot more complex.

Roger that.

One last question… I have current log data from 9/2/21 - CURRENT and history Log data from 08/06/18 - CURRENT; image below. I would assume that I can only upload “Current” log data and anything going forward. Correct?

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 4.46.11 PM

Correct, and if you watch the current log begin date, you will see that it is advancing as new entries replace the older. Once the log gets to about a year it wraps and chases it’s tail.

Danke Sir. A good place to start over anyways. Have a great evening.