New device with burnt smell but was working


I just received my device yesterday. Since opening the package I noticed the burnt electronics smell specifically on the main unit. Is that normal? Maybe a refurbish case?

I haven’t had the time to install on my electrical panel (will probably do over the weekend). But I was able to configure the unit wifi and navigate the menu options without any problem. However I am a little concerned that when connecting the CTs to function 24/7 there will be something defective in the unit and it will generate a bigger problem or a fire.

Any advice?


Definitely not normal. I flash every unit myself a few days before they are shipped as needed. I’ve never had any burnt electronics smell. They are powered up for about a minute during final testing and flashing. There are no refurbished units. The handful of returns for fault over the past few years were discarded.

So this report right out of the box is disturbing and begs follow-up. Please send the base unit back right away and I’ll examine, test and replace if necessary. I can’t produce a return label for your location but will reimburse your shipping cost.

Since the problem is described as pre-existing, there is no need to send your power supply or AC transformer. They had never been connected to your base prior to shipment.

Please send to:

IoTaWatt, Inc.
92 Sewall Rd
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Please include a copy of this post in the package as an RMA.

Thanks for the fast response! I will try to ship back tomorrow.

I’m not 100% sure it’s a burnt smell, I’m an industrial/software engineer, but the smell is very peculiar and I associate it with the few times when I’ve had to replace a damaged power supplies on a computer at work. Its definitely not a neutral o new product smell. Maybe it’s a normal, I don’t know. But I would definitely appreciate an expert opinion just to be safe. Model#: W14 v5.1

Although the strong smell was right out the box, I did connected the 2 power supplies 9V + 5V and it worked fine. I was able to configure the WiFi connection and navigate the interfaces and settings for about 15 minutes before turning off and store. But my wife commented about the smell on my desk today; so I decided to inquiry about it.

I have been reading as much as possible before installing this into a 120/240v split-phase panel since I’ll have to turn off the main breaker outside the house and have the entire home without power for 1-2hrs to install. We are both still working from home, so the install has to be done over a weekend.




Top-notch support even during the weekends. Thanks @overeasy!

My device was received, inspected and reported back. Apparently the smell is most likely residue from the PCB reflow process. So everything is ok and the unit will be shipped back to me during the week.

Maybe the sense of smell in the house was highlighted since the COVID-19 infection of 2020. :mask: