New Home Busbar's are a problem

So I have a new Home. My Power Meter has Busbars coming from the Meter rather than Clampable Wires. The only company I have found that sells an energy Monitor with Flexible CT’s ( Rogowski Sensors) is Emporia but I don’t want to be stuck using their cloud to store / view my power data.

Question is can their Rogowski coils be used with IoTa?

Emporia Vue 200A flexible Current Sensors for Smart Home Device Energy – Emporia Energy for reference. Not trying to help them just curious if there is another solution or if theirs would work with IoTa.

My Service Panel: SC42M200PS

Thanks In advanced!

No, it cannot.

Do you have a picture of the bussbars? Is it possible that a one inch opening CT would work?

Another possibility is to have an electrician install the mains CTs on the incoming wires inside the meter case.

I don’t have a picture of them but a 1" isn’t possible. However the Mains coming into the meter case seem like the only other option i have. it is sealed by the Power company with a tag but I’m sure if the same tag gets placed no one would be the wiser.