New install, can you verify this would work?

I want to verify my idea would work before I purchase. I want to monitor both my service panels AND both my solar inverters along with a few loads.
I have two, 200a panels. Each one of them is also suplied by a grid tied inverter. If it put a 200a CT on both incoming feeds and a 50a CT on both solar inputs, could that be programmed to monitor accurately? Do the CTs on the 200a feed read power going out to the grid (bi-directional)?

Yes, that would work.

Both panels would need to be within reasonable distance of each other so that the CTs can be connected to a single IoTaWatt. You can use extensions up to about 25ft.

You would need 4x200A CTs to monitor the mains in each panel.

The solar inverter inputs would need one 50A CT each if two-wire (no neutral), or two 50A each if three-wire.

That uses between 6 and 8 inputs. You would have 6-8 remaining to measure other loads.

You would be able to measure:

Total load
Total power/energy (Watts/kWh) imported from grid
Total power/energy exported to grid
Total power/energy produced by each inverter

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.