New iotawatt configuration

I got my order of a new iotawatt and an electrician helpped with the installation on my electric panel. Then using my cellphone, I was able to connect my iotawatt to my wifi network and set up my Device, 15 inputs and 5 outputs. To my surprise, when I go to status, the input_0 is 0.0 Volts, and all other inputs and outputs read 0.0 Watts. Please note that for input_0, the Type is VT and the model is “generic” since I couls not find the “ACCUENERGY” model from the list (orders from iotawatt website store). Any idea why the outputs are all 0.0 Watts?

Its because there is no voltage reading. Can you post you inputs setup display and provide your order number please?

I changed my input_0 model from generic to JW-95001-NA. It is showing the readings now. I will monitore the readings and let you know if I see any discrepency.

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