New Iotawatt doent seem to get readings

hello there, I just got my new iotawatt and after install it, plug it to my wi-fi and connect the sensors.
there was a problem with the statistics, it doesn’t read any.
my input_0 (voltage reference) doesn’t appear to be on the list.
How can I add it to the list and make it running.
my voltage reference is isdt 608 smart charger.
and I have a influxdb database I configure it and it doesn’t seem to get data even the zeros that are showing.
this is a photo to peter understand.
anydesk00000 (2)

and thanks in advanced.

It looks like your voltage reference may be DC. See the list of recommended0 VTs.

Thanks for replay in short notice.
I didn’t understand The isdt 608 should be replaced with one of this alternatives?
I thought this should be AC/DC adapter, but now I’m a little confused It should be AC/AC adapter from 230V AC to 9V AC ?

That’s right. Your local voltage to9VAC.

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