New reference transformer

Hi Bob, in the shop you offer a new EU reference transformer (DE-10-09), I’m curious what the reason is? It seems to be heavier, does it have a better accuracy? Which of the two would you recommend more?

At the time that’s what was available from TDC. The DE-06-09 more phase-shift than the larger DE-10-09, but not a lot, and depending on the VTs in use, could actually result in less correction required. Definitely a better match with high-shift SCT013-000.

I don’t see any performance advantage of one over the other. Right now my primary consideration is lead-time and the 25% tariff. I can get the Ideal DE-06-09 from Farnell with no tariff and the lead time in small quantities is weeks from the UK rather than months from China. Cost ends up being about the same.

So that’s the story. It’s all economic issues.