New Setup - AUS Two Phase with Solar

Hi all,

I’m looking at ordering an Iotawatt to get on top or our excessive energy usage. We on a two phase supply in Australia. Just had two 5kw solar inverters installed. I think I know what I need to order, however, my main concern is space for the CTs in the main box.

Looking at the photo, do you think there’s any way I can fit the required CTs in there? If not, what are my options?

Thanks, Tim

Looks like there is no chance of getting CTs in there in the right orientation with their associated cables. AND getting the lid back on.

Best bet would be to fit a new (much larger) distribution board but that will probably be pricey (will you save enough cash from knowing your consumption to warrant the cost of a new board?)

How much space have you above the board? Could you (safely and within local codes) install a second box that would permit you to cut/joint the cables exposing the appropriate individual conductors for the CTs?

Third option might be to invest in some Shelly 1PM devices for heavy loads. These are relatively cheap and provide consumption info (though nowhere near as good as iotawatt) the Shelly devices are superb for home automation though.

I don’t think there’s much hope in getting anything above the board, so may have to look at other options for working out my whole of house consumption.

Seriously - whoever did that work on the distibution box should be shot - thats a nightmare.

Ours used to look like that and when we went 3 phase about 10 years ago the sparkies refused to work in there and showed me why and how limiting and dangerous it was.

We ended up installing a seperate distribution board (admittedly we had space in our basement for it) - they ran the feed from the master breaker (after the meters) into this board and then put all of of our circuits from there.

Its not a cheap exercise but is worth doing in the longer term if you plan on staying in the house for much longer


I am on an AUS 2 phase system too. You will also need to monitor both phase voltages (for best results). When
I wired my system (or at least the Electrician), I had a power point installed on each phase so I could use the points for a 12v ac plugpack. (If you are handy, you can modify an old 12v/1A dc transformer plugpack to bypass the rectifiers. This requires splitting the plastic case, resoldering connections, then re-gluing the case: but at your own risk!)
You can use 2.5mm mono extension cables to extend the current transformer leads. This may allow you to reach the cables to & from the inverter (by removing the inverter lid, but remember this is live, so at your own risk!), as well as the meter leads in the power box. This may bypass enough circuits in the tight consumer box to suffice.
A Question: Is that chipboard behind the power board? If so that might compromise compliance with AS3000. If so, fyi, if there was a fire, there might be insurance complications.