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Can you post a picture of the installed CTs and a screen shot of the status display while the AC is using this standby power?

Photo of the CT will be difficult as need the electrician to come back. I did watch him install it and it was on the cable out from theCB for the air con only.

But interestingly it has now dropped to 65W…Still more than I’d hope but at least in the realms of reality.

It is winter here so speedy is probably right… Will monitor it more tomorrow.

Any suggestions on the CT type to select in the model for settings?

OK, we’ll work with what we have.

Is it a heat pump (reversible) or just an AC? If just an AC, maybe you should think about switching it off. In any event, what does happen when you turn off the breaker, does it go to zero?

Did you get them from the stuff shop and if so what was the order number?

One last thing. You seem to be using the “Original Graph” to view data. That is deprecated and will soon be removed. The other choice Graph+ is much more useful and provides access to much additional metrics.

Yup, everything was ordered from the store. Order number is 122627

It is a reverse cycle unit that can heat and cool, 16kw unit. I’ll check the breaker tomorrow and report back, midnight here now!

Will check out graph +, sounds interesting. Thanks!

Based on what you ordered, the 100A CT is AcuCT-H063-100 and the 50A CTs are AcuCT-H040-50.

Taking another look at the Aircon load, the power-factor is .15, so that is probably not a heater. Can you show the status display with the AC running and if you can, post a picture or state the nameplate rating of the unit. Is it an integrated unit with air-handler? If the CT model was was wrong, it could be overstating the power.


for 16 kw unit, that ““residual consumption”” around 200 watt can be the heater for compressor; this kind of compressor need to be heated in order to be able to run at any time for the purpose scope, special for heating time. in the another hand, to heat the compressor can be done in two ways: one way is with a pure resistive element that is around the case or compressor and second way is with a coil inside compressor that is power supply for the inverter used for normal way of working of the compressor unit. anyway, this not explain the power factor that is in the picture attached by initiator of this post.
once more, this explanation is valid only if all condition of install of CT are OK and configuration on IOTAWAT are OK.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll post a more comprehensive reply shortly. Its raining and miserable today here in Perth Australia.

The CT models you have mentioned are not available on my dropdown menu. There’s definitely something weird going on as my air con value is more than the mains. The solar is negligible due to the weather.

I’ve clearly made a mistake on the outputs side, but I followed the instructions on the iotawatt - pvoutput set up page.

They should be, but if not, can you change the auto-update class to BETA and release 02_05_09 Should install. You should find those CTs supported there. But b3fore you do that, can you post the inputs configuration display so I can see what the present configuration is?

Present config here.

They were all installed pointing to supply which he said he realised straight after we closed everything up. He is returning to fix them in a few weeks as I have some other work to be done around the house.

Will try update it now with beta. Thanks again

Forgot to mention, i had set the aircon with ecs1050 as well but had the same issue… I tried ecs24200 as part of trouble shooting, but that made it worse

Phew, doing the beta update seems to have fixed all the issues! I can now select the right CTs and voila!

Ok,that looks reasonable, but to reconcile everything, did you put CTs on the two RCDs? If so, when you configure them,you should be able to identify the rest of the load and reconcile to the mains. Also, you should be able to reconcile the kWh to your meter.

Thanks again for your help! I’ll be posting a more comprehensive post with install pics etc in the next week or two when the sparkie returns.

No CTs on the RCDs as yet, the weather was starting to turn for the worse and as he was coming back soon anyway, I just wanted the bare minimum to begin with.

Pic of my install, Iotawatt is in the box at the top (there’s a gate to the side so no other location available). That box houses a 3 way ikea koppla Powerboard, the two powerbricks and the Iotawatt. Once the cable management is sorted, will post pics of the inside etc. (is a bit of a mess in there right now)

Hobo can you advise where you got the enclosure from?. Looks like a perfect solution for me too.

I have a 4 way powercube from Aldi with 2 x USB ports which I think will be fine as well.

That’s a good idea - might switch to that at some point - will be interesting to see how you go first though!

The enclosure is from Jaycar, but seems to be available at a few other places. This is the cheapest I found, and as I had to get my AC Adaptor from there anyway, worked well. I painted it as I didn’t like the green colour.

The weather has been rubbish - and i’ve been really busy with work, so never actually got around to sorting out the cable management. Will get to it at some point, but here’s how it looks inside the box.

Ah nice. Thanks. Will grab one when I pick up the AC adaptor.

The wait for freight is going to be a long one. Dammit.

Are the only options for clamps on the website? I only see two on there but reading a lot on other options.

Can anyone clarify?

IoTaWatt uses a table to describe the characteristics of many CTs from various manufacturers. Over time the list has grown. Additionally, any CT with 50mA or less output can be configured as “generic” by supplying the characteristics directly. This approach is used for AC voltage reference transformers as well. The current table file has the latest supported devices.

  {"model":"DCSS AC910(Aus)","mfg":"Radio Parts","cal":20.72,"p50":[2.17]},
  {"model":"Powertech MP-3027(Aus)","mfg":"jaycar","cal":23.18,"p50":[0.92]},
  {"model":"Ideal 77DB-06-09(UK)","cal":20.01,"p50":[1.05]},
  {"model":"Ideal 77DE-06-09(EU)","cal":19.12,"p50":[1.48]},
  {"model":"Ideal 77DA-10-09-MI(USA)","cal":11.06,"p60":[0.10]},
  {"model":"TDC DA-10-09","cal":11.20,"p60":[1.14]},
  {"model":"TDC DA-10-09-E6","cal":10.79,"p60":[0.07]},
  {"model":"TDC DE-10-09(EU)","cal":18.66,"p50":[0.16]},
  {"model":"CUI 41A-9-1000","cal":10.10,"p60":[0.43]},

	{"model":"ZDKCT10M","mfg":"unk nown","type":"C","turns":2007,"phase":1.5},

To have a new Item added to the list, send me two samples and I’ll test them for calibration and phase shift.