New System Advice

They should be, but if not, can you change the auto-update class to BETA and release 02_05_09 Should install. You should find those CTs supported there. But b3fore you do that, can you post the inputs configuration display so I can see what the present configuration is?

Present config here.

They were all installed pointing to supply which he said he realised straight after we closed everything up. He is returning to fix them in a few weeks as I have some other work to be done around the house.

Will try update it now with beta. Thanks again

Forgot to mention, i had set the aircon with ecs1050 as well but had the same issue… I tried ecs24200 as part of trouble shooting, but that made it worse

Phew, doing the beta update seems to have fixed all the issues! I can now select the right CTs and voila!

Ok,that looks reasonable, but to reconcile everything, did you put CTs on the two RCDs? If so, when you configure them,you should be able to identify the rest of the load and reconcile to the mains. Also, you should be able to reconcile the kWh to your meter.

Thanks again for your help! I’ll be posting a more comprehensive post with install pics etc in the next week or two when the sparkie returns.

No CTs on the RCDs as yet, the weather was starting to turn for the worse and as he was coming back soon anyway, I just wanted the bare minimum to begin with.

Pic of my install, Iotawatt is in the box at the top (there’s a gate to the side so no other location available). That box houses a 3 way ikea koppla Powerboard, the two powerbricks and the Iotawatt. Once the cable management is sorted, will post pics of the inside etc. (is a bit of a mess in there right now)

Hobo can you advise where you got the enclosure from?. Looks like a perfect solution for me too.

I have a 4 way powercube from Aldi with 2 x USB ports which I think will be fine as well.

That’s a good idea - might switch to that at some point - will be interesting to see how you go first though!

The enclosure is from Jaycar, but seems to be available at a few other places. This is the cheapest I found, and as I had to get my AC Adaptor from there anyway, worked well. I painted it as I didn’t like the green colour.

The weather has been rubbish - and i’ve been really busy with work, so never actually got around to sorting out the cable management. Will get to it at some point, but here’s how it looks inside the box.

Ah nice. Thanks. Will grab one when I pick up the AC adaptor.

The wait for freight is going to be a long one. Dammit.