New WiFi network


Apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place but I’m trying to connect my device to a new Wi-Fi network. I can’t seem to get the device to enter AP mode to access the settings.

I’ve done this once before but I can’t remember how I did it. I’ve tried switching it off and switching it on again but to no avail. The AP point is not being broadcast and I’ve been waiting for at least 5 mins.

Any ideas? I’m wary about doing a factory reset because I didn’t install it originally and so I don’t know what all the settings should be.

Some further points that might be useful. If I turn on the old router then I can access a settings page through the device fixed IP address but this doesn’t allow changes to the WiFi network I don’t think?

And before you tell me, I know I should have just given the new network the same name as the old one :joy:



Turn on the old router and run the config app.

Go to Tools->WiFi->disconnect. The LED should change from green to red.

Power cycle the IoTaWatt and it should come up with RGG led sequence and broadcast the AP SSID. Connect and configure the new WiFi.