Newbie Questions

Hey guys I am a newbie to all this. I have technical understanding to a degree. I want to setup one of these units in one of my 2 - 200 amp panels. I noticed that I have 7 split phase circuits for AC units and whatnot. Does each leg require a CT? I would think so but I could be wrong. Let me know about this. The website for hardware would only allow me to order 12 CT’s so this is a question I have.

Thanks for all the help in advance!


Please read over the this documentation for split-phase paying attention to the section that describes 240V loads. It depends on whether the loads are two-wire or three-wire.

It only discounts 12 CTs (in addition to the mains) within the bundle. You can get more CTs at list price by ordering from the CT category.

Got it and I think I understand. I want to clarify do I need a CT for each of the mains?

Lastly can I see some install pictures? i want to see how people are installing the unit relative to the panel.

My panel like many are flush-mounted with the drywall so getting in and out of the can is going to be a problem really.




Just cruise around this forum. There are dozens of detailed descriptions of installs. Look in the “case Studies” category.

Thanks - I saw a youtube video. It was pretty good. Its slowly coming back to me now how this all works.

About a decade ago I used to do this on a small scale with data cents with 3 phase power to balance our loads. There wasn’t really good software or hardware to aggregate things like there is now.

This should be fun.