No Current being Reported(New IotaWatt)


I am new to this and just got my new IotaWatt. Problem is there is no wattage usage being shown on the status page.

I am able to see my device at iotawatt.local and was able to set up a few inputs.

One of the sensors is on a clothes dryer line that is drawing about 22 amps when running. The other input is running on a line that draws about 1 amp(amperage measured using a clamp meter).

I let the system run for an hour and still saw 0 watts for both lines. Have tried on version 02_02_30 and 02_03_13.

I am using SCT013 clamps. I hooked the plug end of the clamp that was connected to the dryer to a 33 ohm resistor and measured about 0.4 volts across it so I know the clamp is working.

I’m hoping the IotaWatt is fine and I am doing something wrong but I’m not sure what else to check. The 9VAC adapter is not plugged in but from what I understand I don’t need it to see wattage usage.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Thanks for any help.

Yes, you do need to have the AC transformer connected and plugged in.