Non-registered Electrical Device Consumption

I have installed the IotaWatt system with three CTs aligned in the same direction on each of the three main live phases of my Electrical Panel Power supply at the three-phase Circuit Breaker distribution Board in my home’s domestic supply which is in Cyprus in Europe (240V to neutral per phase), similar to the UK electrical system. I have used a single VT and configured Derived Reference for the IotaWatt setup, hopefully correctly following the documented procedure. As an additional piece of information, my home installation uses also a net-metering photovoltaic system which I believe connects to one of the feeding phases via the relevant net-metering switching and measuring equipment.

I have been able to measure correctly the power used by three different devices of known consumption connected on three separate phases as indicated by each of my three CTs (each connected to a different main feeding phase). However, I am facing a very strange problem. At any point in time, my total consumption is less than the actual power used, and a number of my home electrical and electronic devices connected to various outlets leading up to one or the other of the three feeding phases where the CTs are located, do not seem to trigger a reading on any of the three CTs when I switch them on. The above observations hold true both during daytime and at night when my photovoltaic system does not produce any power.

I am really baffled by the above. Can anyone help?

Could you post:
A picture of the panel showing the breakers and CTs
A screenshot of the input configuration page

How does the total of the mains compare to the meter?

You will find attached the requested pictures and screenshots.
The mains total is fine. Currently it is 237.9V for a rated 240V.

OK, I think I see what’s going on. Looking at your service:

The red arrow points to the incoming mains at the top of the mains circuit breakers. The load side comes out the bottom. You have installed the CTs on three of the load conductors coming out of the bottom, but there appear to be multiple conductors coming out of at least two of the phases as indicated by the blue arrow. The wires with the CTs appear to service the lower bank of branch circuits, and the others service the upper bank.

From what I can see, it appears the incoming mains run down the back of the box behind where your CTs are. You may need an electrician to get in there but that’s probably the best place to put the CTs to capture all of the load. Another strategy is to try to fit 50A CTs onto the remaining unmeasured load wires and combine them with an IoTaWatt output.

Thanks for your prompt response.I think you are right! I will need some time to confirm things, so thanks for now. Once I have sorted things, I can let the forum kno.

Thanks again!