OK to use extension cord for 9V REF and USB power?

Just got my IotaWatt bundle for a NA installation - eventually I’d like to mount an orbit box per some of the other post suggestions, but until I have time to properly mount it, would it be OK to run the 9V ref and USB power over say, a 20ft extension cord? Should I be weary of the gauge of the cord? Any other things I should be concerned about?

If you’re talking about a 120V extension cord, no problem. The current draw is extremely low, so resistance will not effect voltage significantly. It is important that the AC reference be plugged into a socket that is close to the panel. If that isn’t possible, try to choose a lightly loaded circuit with no transient heavy loads like kitchen or Bath appliances. Length and gauge really aren’t a factor when the load is low. Voltage drop is current x resistance.

If you are talking about extending output of the 9V AC transformer and the USB supply, there should be no problem with the AC reference (it draws less than 1mA), but extending the USB supply could be a problem and heavier gauge wire, as well as a higher output USB adapter (>=1A), is recommended.

Perfect - just what I needed to know. Yes, I planned on using a 120V extension cord. Thanks a ton for your quick reply!