Possible to change Main page container width?

Is it possible to change the width of the main, inputs and status pages? If I create detailed names for my inputs and outputs, there is very little space left to display their values.

I used the Firefox developer tools to inspect the page and see that the #outerContainer style sets a max-width of 600 pixels. If I delete the max-width definition, the page widens to fit my screen and I think it is much more readable.

Can the page width be made to be user adjustable (either drag to resize or configuration setting). Or is it safe for me to remove the SD card and edit the CSS file manually?

You don’t need to remove the SD card. Just run the file manager and editor, select the file on the left and it will appear in the ACE editor o the right. Make your changes, ctrl-S to save, reload the app and off you go.

I developed all of the html/js/css on an IoTaWatt.

Cool, thanks! I had seen the file manager, but didn’t see any documentation on the editor so didn’t know about saving with ctrl-S. I commented out the max-width attribute and have a full screen-width page.