Post and Update Fail with "-4"

Hello! I have an issue with a recent (1 month old) IotaWatt. The unit is visible on Wifi and tracking power on the Status Page. However, it has stopped posting to InfluxDB, with a HttpCode “-4” error.

I’ve checked the code for “-4” error, but can’t find something useful.

The latest error log is uota3.txt (1.5 KB). The last lines are:

12/04/18 17:07:15 influxDB: Start posting at 12/4/18 17:07:20
12/05/18 09:37:03 influxDB: Post Failed: -4
12/08/18 11:56:10 influxDB: Post Failed: -4
12/08/18 12:16:16 Updater: Invalid response from server. HTTPcode: -4

A restart after this showed InfluxDB "last entry query failed’ and “stopped, last post 12/4/18 00:00:00”. Subsequent restarts show the same.

Looking at InfluxDB logs, I see other IotaWatts posting ok, but no recent entries regarding this IotaWatt.

My question is: What is the “-4” error code, and how should I debug further?

*Update * I’ve just restarted (after 8h down) and all is well: IotaWatt nicely filled in the unsent data when it reconnected.

I’d still like to understand the “-4” code, and try to work out the underlying problem.

HTTP code -4 means that the TCP connect request failed. There are a number of possible reasons for this, but generally means either a poor WiFi/internet connection or a problem with the server that you are connecting to. I get this a lot with influx on a RPi. I’m happy that it resolved and the IoTaWatt was able to upload the backlog.

One of my favorite expressions is “stuff happens, it’s what you do about it”. In this case, uploading the backlog is one of the many things that differentiates IoTaWatt from the rest.

Thanks Bob! All is well. I reckon this was a WiFi problem as the Updater service (and not just InfluxDB service) didn’t connect.

Great product - just did the 6th install today. Three-phase derived working well here in Australia. Moved to InfluxDB which I’m having good results with.