Power imbalance on running air conditioner

I have a typical for US house 2 phase electric panel.

I have two 200A clamp-on CT on each phase input and individual CT50s on each breaker.

When the air conditioner is not running Phase A+ Phase B power is equal to sum of those on individual breaker, but when AC outdoor compressor+fan (first breaker) and AC indoor air blower (another breaker) starts, the Phase A+ Phase B power is much more than sum of individual breakers.

I use my own custom monitor for Android but IotaWatt Status Monitor provides the same numbers.

Could you post the status display Both when it adds up Andy when it doesn’t? Also, can you post the input setup display?

Without AC
With AC


I suspect the AC compressor is 240V but is not being measured as such.

I’m assuming the AC compressor is 240V but don’t see that you have the “double” box checked. Are you using another method to measure this like passing two conductors through the CT?

I get a deficit of 1,385 watts with AC on. The AC compressor is listed as 1,265 watts, so that looks like the main culprit.

1,265 would be low for an AC compressor, although possible with an inverter unit or multi-speed. Also, is the air-handler also 240V? typical;ly they are, but may be 120V/240V (two-wire plus neutral).

Thank you, you’re right.
I’ve doubled AC compressor and now there a balance between two inputs and many loads connected.