Pre-order Guidance

I am interested in ordering IoTaWatt for my house. Where can I get information about what devices I need to order?
I have a solar array.
I have two panels: a main panel and a sub-panel (backed up by electric battery)
I have about 12 circuits I would like to monitor

1-If I have two panels (they are adjacent), will I need 2 IoTaWatts?
2-Does the IoTaWatt need to be enclosed or otherwise protected? The device itself is low voltage, right?
3-The PV Inverter has good monitoring software. I am not necessarily interested in monitoring the solar production with the IoTaWatt, but is it important to connect to it to get a full picture on the monitoring software?
Thank you,

Hello Maria,

One IoTaWatt will monitor 14 circuits, so it can do your mains and 12 other circuits. You don’t need 2 IoTaWatt as long as you only need to monitor 12 circuits.

Local codes are just that “local”. The device itself does not need to be enclosed, but your local inspector may require that the CT leads from the panel to the vicinity of the IoTaWatt be protected.

The only way to get the PV generation info into the IoTaWatt is to put a CT on the output.