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Like many others just looking for some guidance for my set up. I see you recommend to start with one unit and map out how to best group circuits to monitor etc. I have a 200 amp meter main (Square D Homeline) on the outside of my home that has two 100 amp breakers that feed two subpanels in my basement.

Assuming I start with one unit I would then need 4 200A CTs or 100A CTs?

I think after knowing that I can group my circuits but would 10 CTs left be enough in my case?

Thank you for your time.

I think you would be best off to measure everything at the basement sub panels. You would use four CTs for the mains. The 120V kit comes with 2x200A and 2x100A. Those would work fine.

That would leave 10 additional inputs for branch circuits.

That’s subjective. I can’t make out much detail in the pics. Looks like you have a couple of AC, and a dryer. The dryer appears to be the only three-wire 240V circuit by color convention, but can’t be sure. It may require 2 CTs and 2 inputs. The AC look to be two-wire. So you should be able to measure most of your individual usage directly, and the whole house as well. You can also define an output that would be the difference between to whole-house and directly measured to complete the picture.

If that’s not enough, another unit would be needed. I’ve recommended to many that they start with one unit. More often than not that seems to have been adequate.

Thank you for the response. I did swap out the images in my post with higher quality versions of them. So if you have anything else to add to your comments that would be greatly appreciated. If no, thanks again for you time.

Obviously you can’t monitor everything. If it were my house I think I could manage my usage with one unit. Depends what you are trying to accomplish. In any event, there is no harm in starting with one.

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