[Question] Texas, USA: Looking for guidance on what to purchase

Hi, new to the monitoring scene and would like to purchase an IoTawatt for my house however I’m not sure what all to buy. Here is what my interior panel(sub-panel) looks like.

I do have another panel outside but that one doesn’t have anything in it as it just connects to mains. I’m particularly interested in knowing what CTs I should be getting? I know I want to monitor as much as I can.


House: Single family one floor house
Location: TX, USA

&You say there is another panel with just mains. Is that connected to a meter? Specifically I want to rule out that this is a 120V/208V sub-panel fed from a three~phase service as can happen in multi-unit housing. The approach would be a different if that’s the case.

Assuming it’s 120V/240V (or possibly 110V/220V as i see 220 written in the box), then treating it like a standard North American split-phase;

USB power supply
AC adapter
2 200A mains CTs
1 100A CT for furnace
11 50A CTs

There more circuits than CTs, so I’d recommend using one each for the

  • AC
  • Range
  • Hot Water
  • Dryer

Then use the remaining 7 for other individual circuits. You can combine the two kitchen circuits by passing both through a single CT. They are on the same phase.

You will be able to define an output that is the aggregate of the unmonitored circuits. I would suggest not monitoring the disposal and washer. They don’t typically add up to very much at all. That leaves seven other circuits for which you will have 50A CTs.

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That was a quick response, let me include a picture of the outside panel


You say there is another panel with just mains. Is that connected to a meter?

That looks ok, standard US split-phase service.