Questions about data upload and WiFi/internet connection - answered


New to this forum here - hope everyone’s keeping well.

So I’m considering purchasing IotaWatt in order to monitor my office’s electricity consumption (heaters/coolers in particular).

I’m currently using a 4g WiFi router with a SIM inside - this is what provides WiFi internet to my little office space. And I experience connectivity issues at times - like when there’s heavy rain outside, my internet gets slow/disconnects. Is IotaWatt capable of storing energy values when something like this occurs? I read that the IotaWatt stores energy readings when there’s no WiFi, but does it also store energy readings when there’s zero internet connectivity (even when connected to the WiFi network)?

Thanks and have a lovely day ahead!

Short answer is yes.

IoTaWatt monitors and records usage in the datalog independent of wIfI connectivity or internet availability. Extended unavailability of internet, defined in days or weeks, may allow it’s time reference to drift by a few seconds per day, but generally speaking it’s not a problem.

Uploading the data to external server(s), if you decide to do that, is of course dependent on a communications path to that server. IoTaWatt uploads using the data in the datalog, and will seamlessly resume uploading from where it left off after an outage.