Re-Networking Quick Questions

@overeasy, I’m in the process of planning to re-IP my home network due to a few other issues my current IP scope has; long story. I had two quick questions below I was hoping you could thumbs up or let me know if you see any issues.

Current Setup:

  • One IoTaWatt with a reserved DHCP IP (
  • EmonCMS locally installed on a Raspberry Pi with a reserved DHCP (
  • IP Scope changing from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.99.x


  • Do you see any issues internally with the IoTaWatt when the scope changes and I reboot it to get the new IP address?

  • I do know I have to modify the EmonCMS (webserver) configuration on the IopTaWatt to the new ip as the the current is set for the IP (http://ip_address/api_call), but do you see anything else that may be impacted?

Or, if you can think of any other areas related to the IoTaWatt/EmonCMS when I flip the switch?



Don’t think so. I recently installed an ASUS router that used the subnet 192.168.50.nnn and it worked fine. (Unfortunately the router did not but that’s another story).

As I switched my configuration to that, and then back to 192.168.1.nnn with a Ubiquity router, the IoTaWatt would stop uploading until I changed the local addresses for the HTTPSproxy and Rpi influx, but then it just connected and uploaded the history.

Thank you sir for the feedback. I can say that I love my Ubquity setup. Simply trying to plan for the least amount of pain when I flip the switch to the new IP scope.