Red status LED light?

I have a system that was working for around 6 months and I just noticed that it’s offline. It has a solid red LED. I’ve tried pulling the power but it still stays red. Any idea what else I can do?


When you power cycle, do you get a RGG led cycle for the first few minutes?

No, it just turns red and stays red.

Where are you located, and do you know your order number?

I’m in NH and order number was 126467.

OK, quickest thing is for you just send me the base unit.

IoTaWatt, Inc.
92 Sewall Rd
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Ok. If there is a way to reflash it I’m more than wiling to try that. I’m pretty familiar with flashing ESP8266 and ESP32’s for Home Assistant (if that’s still what is inside).

But if that’s not doable I’ll get it in the mail this week.
Thank you,

I’m one day away. If you send it tomorrow you should have it back by Friday.