Reset Wifi - can't connect [RESOLVED]

I reset the wifi on my IotaWatt, but I can’t join the IotaXXXX network.
I tried from both an iPhone (running 14.1) and a Mac.

It brings me back to that screen over and over.

I rebooted the Iotawatt a few times just in case, waited 5 seconds, 60 seconds, nothing helped

In both cases it just doesn’t connect.

Have you changed the device name of your IoTaWatt?

Yes! It’s called IWGarage (vs my IWHouse which I haven’t tried changing to new wifi yet)

And using ‘IWGarage’ as the password got me in. Awesome, thanks!

Question 2 - if my other device name is only 7 characters, what is the password? ‘IWHouse’

Should be. I don’t think there’s any minimum length for an AP key.

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The ‘IWHouse’ device had the IotaWatt password, but all good and moved over. Thanks!