Resetting IotaWatt Digest Authentication

Hello, Our company is in the process of deploying two IotaWatt’s in the field and are having some trouble with our second unit. We set them up a few months ago and just let them run collecting sample data. Yesterday we went into the first unit and it asked for a username and password. We do not recall ever setting up a username / password. Since we have not fully deployed the units we would like to factory rest the one to remove the credentials. We have looked online without much luck. We have opened the unit and removed the sd card to view the log files where it states that there was a password change a few weeks ago. None of the members that know about the unit have accessed it let alone setup a password. So we would like to just reset the entire unit. Can anyone help with this process. Thanks, Brian.

Update: I was able to resolve our issue by removing all of the files on the SD card and replacing them with the ones inside the SD directory found on the Git website

That was an extreme solution, sorry I wasn’t available to answer your question more promptly. To remove password authentication, you need only delete the file:


Whether anybody recalls or admits to setting an authorization password, that’s what happened. You have the date and time when it was done. I can’t think of a better reason to actually use authentication passwords than that. It’s one thing when an IoTaWatt is on a home or very protected home WiFi network, it’s quite another when its in a commercial environment.

That said, there is an outstanding problem with memory leak when using password authentication. It’s not very serious, but will degrade over time with daily access and cause an occasional restart to recover. I have been unable to find the problem.

I’ll make a note to add a chapter on this subject to the documentation.

Thank you for your quick response. I had not seen any documentation to remove the authentication but thank you for clarifying how to do so.