SD card bad or not?

My unit works for a while, then all of the sudden will get the Green-Red-Red :frowning: The SD card seems fine. This happened every few days initially (annoying). I took the unit apart last time, verified the SD card was secure (it was), then took the card out and re-inserted. It worked from 6/30 until this morning 7/22. There is no possibility that it was messed with at all, so it just ‘happened’.

The only other issue with the unit is that the USB connection is so far inside the unit that the power plug that came with the unit (purchased here) could not insert and provide power - so I had to use my own that had a longer d-shell.

Sounds like the SDcard holder may have a cold solder connection. What was your order number?

My order is #124198, purchased May 30.