Setting static IP address


I just got my new iotawatt today, and it’s working great.
I’ve manage to send info to emoncms and I see my energy consumption

I do have one question:
can I setup a static IP to iotawatt ?

Thank you.

I have not set a static on the device itself. However, I did set a reservation for the device’s MAC address when it reaches out to my DHCP server that it always hands out the same IP I reserved. Same way of accomplishing you desired configuration. Just an idea.

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@quella is correct.

IP addresses are assigned by the router’s DHCP. All routers I’ve used have some mechanism for assigning a fixed IP address to a device by relating it to the MAC address.

That was fast. US to Israel in 4 days!

@overeasy Thanks,
the workaround worked for me.
however it will be nice to be able to setup a static ip and all the network setting via the menu.

Yea, I don’t consider that a workaround. IMO in a dynamic network IP addresses should be controlled by the router. It’s a slippery slope when a device unilaterally claims ownership of an IP address. The issues that it creates when the IP is already in use by another device just complicate life. You can’t get back in to change it because it doesn’t have an IP address. That worked sorta OK in the old days before DHCP when you assigned the IP for all devices because the device was usually a computer that you could configure locally with a keyboard and monitor. Not so here. The IoTaWatt needs to be able to get an IP BEFORE you can talk to it. So there are a lot of catch-22’s.

My design philosophy is to avoid complicated situations that would require yet more complicated options to deal with them. DHPC was designed to do just that for LAN configuration and it does it well. KISS.

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I would second that philosophy from @Overeasy. Even if a device supports my ability to configure a static, I use the DHCP and reserve method for everything that is important on my local network. Makes a single place to update or make changes.