Slight CT Number Variances - Iotawatt v Enphase Envoy?

Not really a big deal, I have noticed that both my instantaneous and end of day numbers are varying between my two monitoring devices for PV Generation?

Instantaneous: My Iotawatt is usually up to 70W less than what my Envoy shows locally.
End of day: This usually ends up in the Iotawatt showing around .50 to .65 kWh less daily.

The CT’s are installed right next to each other and are both the recommended and supplied CT’s for each system.

By eye, my Voltage ref is within .3V

Any ideas of how to get them as close as possible or am overthinking it?

Looks like it was just my Voltage Calibration Factor, I changed, then reverted back to reset the CF and it now seems to be within 20W, which looks as good as it gets given both GUI refresh rates.

I tend to compare using percentages rather than absolute values. 20W is a lot if the 80W vs 100W is 25%, but say 2020 vs 2040 is1%. Do you have a way to compare to kWh to a revenue grade meter over a few days?