Smarter IoTaWatt power reporting

I have a Hubitat home automation hub ( that uses the (old) Smartthings ecosystem for monitoring and controlling IoT devices. In that model, devices with metering capability can be configured to push power measurements on different events. Either the device reports periodically, or more interestingly, when power changes by more than a certain delta or above/below certain thresholds. This “push” model is especially useful to quickly respond to power demand changes without having to poll on a short interval.

As far as I can tell, the IoTaWatt doesn’t have such a feature. I think this is doable with the Hubitat hub set up as a local IFTTT server. The IoTaWatt would send its events to the local server, which then decides what to do with them (like turn on/off non-essential devices)

Has some similar extension to the IoTaWatt API been made already? I have a fair amount of SW and HW experience, and have dabbled with Arduino Uno.

Thank you in advance for any help.

You could start with my existing IoTaWatt integration for Hubitat…

It does use polling of the IoTaWatt at a user selectable rate.

Thanks ogiewon. I now realize that IFTTT is totally unnecessary for the application. You can be sure I’ll use your IoTaWatt driver for Smarthings LAN devices as a starting point (or perhaps even the destination point :slight_smile:).

It would still be nice if the IoTaWatt were enhanced to send events on simple conditions. I might be brave enough to attempt the project myself but no use duplicating someone’s hard work… Maybe I should look at the Hubitat community

Just to be sure… You’re aware that my driver is specifically-written for the IoTaWatt on Hubitat, not SmartThings, right? :wink: