Solar Divert OpenEVSE

I see that Open Energy Monitor emonPI is mentioned for the solar divert funtion of the OpenEVSE EV chargers. I was wondering if IoTaWatt was built with this function available as well or if that is only available with the emonPI?

I’m not familiar with that so I can’t say if IoTaWatt can do it. I’ll take a look and get back.

I can’t find anything about the protocol used. It probably uses MQTT, which IoTaWatt doesn’t support. Given that the OpenEVSE is sold by OpenEnergyMonitor and I believe jointly developed with them, you would probably be better off using the their interface.

So if you have a need for more than 2 CTs, you might consider installing their RPi SD card into an RPi to get essentially an EmonPi without the Emon inputs for 2 CTs, and temperature. You can feed it all of the IoTaWatt data, and configure the OpenEVSE based on the input from the IoTaWatt. Cost about 50 bucks and a lot of precious time getting it all to work.

I think that might work best. Will need to freshen up on my coding skills.