Something always using 83w

So been pulling my hair out, but have a circuit that has light switches on it for the garage and basement. When ALL the lights are off, it uses 83 watts CONSTANTLY:

Ignore the drop, that was me switching off the breaker. I cannot for the life of me figure it out, its so uniform at 83w. Only thing I can think is in the garage I have those old school tube lights, do they just draw power normally even when off? Please help, I’m going crazy.

What is the power factor when that is the only load?

How are they switched off? A non-electronic mechanical contact switch, or some electronic switch (e.g. Z-wave)? If they are switched off with a mechanical contact switch, there must be something else on that circuit. Are the tube lights on a plug, or are they hard-wired? You could try unplugging the lights if the former. Then the apparent load should disappear for sure.


The power factor could be a big clue as to the type of load.