Sources to compare usage data

I’ve been running my system for about a year now and I’m trying to find the best opportunities to save money on my power bill. I have 2 iotawatts and 24 circuit taps plus the taps on the mains so I have fairly detailed data collected. Are there sites or tools I could use to compare my (for example my HVAC or lighting) usage to other homes?

I’m averaging about 2,000 kWh per month (12 month average as measured by utility company) and it seems that average for single family homes in my state is about half that. Granted, our house is larger and older than average so this could just be the bed I’ve made.

Where are you in the country? I use close to 2700kwh in the summer here in Texas due to a lot of HVAC usage and poor insulation

I also have a few servers that run 24/7

I’m in Iowa. House built in 1910ish but added on a couple of times. Build quality and insulation seem better than average. I’ve considered buying a thermal camera to check for leaks but haven’t yet.

Most light bulbs are LEDs. Not sure the SEER on heat pump but it’s better than builder-grade. Hot water and clothes dryer are both conventional electric.

I know my biggest draws are HVAC, refrigeration, and clothes dryer.

You should be able to break down the AC, refrigeration and clothes dryer with IoTaWatt.

Most old houses lose/gain a lot more energy through air-infiltration than conduction. A thermal camera will show mostly state of your insulation. A blower door test is probably the better way to go.

Many utilities and government programs offer free or low-cost energy auditing. Those professionals should be able to blower-door and thermal image. They would also be able to look at whatever electricity usage you can show from the IoTaWatt and offer a judgement as to excessive consumption.

It’s a subjective study and there is no substitute for a knowledgeable examination of all of the factors on site.