Stopped working = Green - Red only (red dim)?

My iotawatt has stopped working. Just fine since April. SD card is readable in PC with no errors. Config.txt is there. The status led shows Green for about 1/2 second and then red where the red is dim and flickers out. I assume this is not a valid sequence. I’ve changed the usb power supply with no difference. Unit is on a UPS.

When I remove the 9V reference input the unit boots and I can get to the web page. The status shows all zero’s for input I assume because there is no reference voltage. When I plug in the 9V AC supply the unit crashes. The 9V supply shows about 10.5 VAC unloaded on a volt meter set to AC.

What was the order number?

Order number 126166 on 2/26/2022 via paypal.

Thanks. You are in the US, so if it’s not anything simple, the quickest and easiest way to figure this out is to send the unit in.

But first, a couple of simple things:

You state using a UPS. Have you tried without the UPS?

Are you running the AC adapter through the UPS as well?

Can you post a photo of your USB power supply showing the nameplate?

I’ve powered the unit via a direct AC outlet along with the 9v reference with no change in behavior. Unit boots and operates normally until the 9v reference is connected where it goes offline and repeats the “green to fading red flicker” of the led.

OK, please send just the base unit to:

IoTaWatt, Inc.
92 Sewall Rd
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Please include the order number and a copy of the initial post above. Should turn it around in a day.

Should I return the unit with the SD card? If so will you transfer it to a new unit if necessary?

Yes, yes. But you are welcome to image it before sending.