Strain relief for CTs

So trying to determine the best way to handle the strain relief exiting the load center for the CTs. Probably can fit 7 CT leads through a single 3/4" knockout. However most strain relief I have seen for load center knockouts is for nomex cable.

Anyone see an issue using the standard metal clamp style strain relief for nomex on a bundle of CT leads?

Actually reviewing code closer and it seems I need to keep the ct wires within conduit from panel to box housing the monitor. This makes it a bit more of a challenge while the best location for a box is not great for conduit (other boxes blocking knock outs by being too close to run conduit). Might have to extend the plywood below the panel and use that location.

Can you point the article to the code where you found that?

I ran 12 CT’s through a 3/4" Liquid tight flexible conduit. I first used a string, then I used electrical tape and taped 1 CT to the string, then a second to the string and the first CT wire, leaving about 1/2" between the tip of the second CT and the end of the strain relief of the first CT. And I did the same for the rest. At the end I pulled them through (through a 90deg liquid tight and about 12" of pipe).

If I did it again, I would not use a 90 deg and rather try to route the conduit so I can give it a curve with that one… I also added a few drops of water (Careful! my panel was off) to make it a bit easier to pull…

I’m planning to pass 24 for a 1" next.

Thanks, yep picked up some liquid tight flex conduit in 3/4". Looks like i can route this conduit to my ideal location. HOWEVER the length to that location is right at the max length of the CT leads. I suppose i should order a few extension leads may not need them in my rough routing the connection makes it but if I under estimated the length needed for turns it may not work.

Oh well, need to order some splitters too since I determined I do not have enough cable slack on 2 of my 120/240V circuits to reverse a lead through the CT.

Well not sure how you got 14 CT leads into a 3/4" flex conduit. I just did a test fit on the bench only using the 90 bend with no conduit since that will be the hardest part to pull through. Armed with pull string and wire lubricant I could not pull more then 9 CTs before the pull required keep causing the tape to slide on the pull string. I could have probably wrapped the pull string more onto the plug but i doubt the 13 and 14 ones would work.

So back to original plan of 2 3/4" conduits. This puts me back to my least desirable location (under the panel). Reason being is the other knockout available on the side is up high in a rather crowded section of the panel (common bar is there). The lower part of the panel is wide open and probably solves my CT lead length issue. Just need to extend the plywood so that i have room to mount the box.

Sorry if using this thread as my install dairy is not appropriate, if so please remove.

2 x 3/4 will be easier. My conduit was short enough that I was able to offset all the jacks so that when I pulled the cables I had the first set already out of the conduit and when I pulled the full length of the bundle, the last jack came out:

In the picture, you can see the 3/4" conduit on the back. On the front conduit I have ground, neutral, phase1 and phase 2.

I extended two of my wires that go to a far away panel. I just cut the jacks and soldered the extension (used an UTP cable that had the same UL as the original: 80C and 300V. But used 24AWG instead of 26)